Seamless Protection for Ranching Routines
Are you an ATV owner that needs to cover multiple pastures on your ranch? You don't want your cattle having access to the same paths that you take, so you need Lee Products ATV cattle guards to protect your livestock from getting lost. Our ATV cattle guards have elevated construction. This means that they can be placed without excavation. Our all steel ATV cattle guards offer farmers and ranchers the long life and strength that they require to successfully keep livestock safe. Made for easy installation. No need to dig a hole – simply cut your fence and lay the cattle guard... Read The Rest
Mobile Wheel Cleaner and Livestock Barrier
Are you looking for a non-traditional portable cattle guard that you can move from site to site while you are working on a construction project on farms or ranches that have cattle? Our boxed cattle guards are the answer to your needs. Our boxed cattle guards are installed in a non-traditional way that does not require excavation or concrete to utilize it. It is a very useful cattle deterrent as well as a wheel cleaner as your equipment and vehicles travel over it. CONSTRUCTION SITE WHEEL CLEANER Lee Products boxed cattle guards are the perfect answer to having a portable wheel cleaner... Read The Rest
Uncompromised Land Access
Are you a farmer or rancher that wants easier access to parts of your land without having to put up gates? Cattle guards give open access to vehicles but keep livestock inside the area you want them in. All Lee Products cattle guards are constructed with heavy wall steel pipe and heavy duty thick steel channels. All of the ends of the cattle guards are capped to prevent rusting.  Our cattle guards are made from 8” channel and the pipe is 4.5” or 3.5” .188 wall pipe. The guards can be ordered with box or wings (bolt on wings when being shipped). We also... Read The Rest
Secure Your Terrain with Confidence
Our HS20 rated cattle guards meet the demanding specifications needed for State and Federal requirements such as DOT, BLM, USFS, NP, and US Military installations. These cattle guards will provide years of rugged service in commercial applications such as mining, forestry, agriculture, and petroleum production. They are also the cattle guard of choice for residential usage where city, county, or state regulations require the HS20 rating. Certified structural steel is used in the manufacture of all Lee Products HS20 rated cattle guards.... Read The Rest
Streamlined Maintenance, Enhanced Durability
This box allows you an easy way to clean out under your cattle guard. The box is made from 10 gauge steel. The box will add about 1.5” to each side of the total width and length of the guard. Fast and Effective: Cattle guards can be cleaned in minimal time, therefore eliminating possible damage to the cattle guard. Road traffic is not impacted as well because cleaning can pause while traffic passes through.... Read The Rest
Robust Prevention Against Livestock Escapes
Cattle guard wings are another useful feature. They prevent your cattle from jumping the corner of the guard. Wings are used with barbed wire fences. If you already have a full height fence along the width of the guard, that will work effectively, but it cannot be just a flimsy 3 strand barbed wire. You need to have a fairly substantial fence. Although cattle are not all that smart, they can cut the distance in half and hop 3 feet. Having fencing along the entire width of the cattle guard prevents this. If your fence is barbed wire, the wings... Read The Rest

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