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Cattle Guard

Are you a farmer or rancher that wants easier access to parts of your land without having to put up gates? Cattle guards give open access to vehicles but keep livestock inside the area you want them in. All Lee Products cattle guards are constructed with heavy wall steel pipe and heavy duty thick steel channels. All of the ends of the cattle guards are capped to prevent rusting. 

Our cattle guards are made from 8” channel and the pipe is 4.5” or 3.5” .188 wall pipe. The guards can be ordered with box or wings (bolt on wings when being shipped). We also can do custom sizes per customer’s request.

Sizes from 10′ to 24′ long and 8′ and 6′ wide. We work with people all over the US, gaining us the reputation of having the best for farms and ranches. They are built to withstand the load of very heavy truck and construction equipment. Lee Products offers several types of cattle guards for private, commercial, public highway and heavy duty off-road equipment use. We comply with city, county, and/or state regulations.

What is a cattle guard and what is it for you might ask, if you happen to be a city slicker. Well, a cattle guard keeps cattle and horses out of your yard as well as keeping them protected in the designated pasture that you want them in. The way a cattle guard works is that there are metal pipes that are combined into strategic formation by Lee Products and it is installed over a ditch. The ditch is a really important part because if a cow tries to cross a cattle guard over the ditch, her legs will get stuck. Cows know this, so they generally don't try to cross cattle guards.

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Cattle Guards

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