ATV Cattle Guard

Seamless Protection for Ranching Routines

Are you an ATV owner that needs to cover multiple pastures on your ranch? You don't want your cattle having access to the same paths that you take, so you need Lee Products ATV cattle guards to protect your livestock from getting lost.

Our ATV cattle guards have elevated construction. This means that they can be placed without excavation. Our all steel ATV cattle guards offer farmers and ranchers the long life and strength that they require to successfully keep livestock safe.

Made for easy installation. No need to dig a hole – simply cut your fence and lay the cattle guard on the ground. Specifications: 1 1/2 x 11 gauge square tubing 75″ wide X 91″ long; Ramp is 14″ tall. Overall width of the guard, including the wings, is 87″ and comes standard with a grey enamel finish. We also offer custom sizes to fit your needs. Our standard ATV guard will NOT allow but 6″ on each side of the Rangers and Kubotas sidear by sides and if you are running the four seat, then the guard will have to be only 12.5″ tall in the center of the ramp.

For ATVs larger than two seats we will need the ground clearance, wheelbase and tire size of the ATV. There will be a price change on custom size guards.

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