3000 lb Creep Feeder

Sustain Up to 40 Calves

The large heavy duty creep feeder has a 3,000 pound capacity with adjustable feed flow settings and will provide for up to 40 calves. The feeder is made from 16 gauge steel and a heavy angle iron frame that allows it to be towed on the skids. At 7' ft x 6 inch W x 15 ft 'L x 6ft H, it has an adjustable entry bar that allows it to be used for large herds for many years.

bottom bar to highest point with the bar in place 35 1/2''
bottom bar to highest point without the bar in place 45 1/2"

This feeder ships as one piece from just south of Fort Worth, TX and it is very difficult to find economical shipping for small quantities. It is however, available for pickup.

Made From 16 gauge steel and heavy angle iron frame for easy moving
7’6” W x 15′ L x 6′ H
Approx. 3000 Lb + Capacity
Ideal for 40 calves
Adjustable feed gauge.

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