1500 lb Creep Feeder

Optimal Growth, Minimal Stress

Creep feeding will have your calves ready for market sooner in high quality condition. Creep feeding also assures less strain on your brood stock. Healthy brood stock means better quality calves year after year. All calf creep feeders come standard with a gray enamel finish.

This large, 1,500 pound capacity feeder is ideal for feeding more than 20 calves. It's been built for heavy-duty use with an angle iron frame and 16 gauge steel and although it weighs close to 900 pounds, it's skids allow it to be moved to where it's needed.

It's important to keep your calves supplied with the necessary minerals and feed that they need for proper health so they may grow into the large, livestock cattle you need.

Made from 16 gauge steel
Approx. 1500 lb + feed capacity
Ideal for 20 calves
Adjustable feed gauge

7' 6'' x 7' 6'' x 6' Tall

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